Objects in mirror are more expensive than they appear

I'll probably update again later today for this week's latest movies, but thought I'd just give a few quick thoughts on several things I didn't mention yesterday.

Sony has dropped the PSP to $199, But is it actually a better deal? They take out the basic memory stick and soft case that comes with the standard $250 bundle
. So, add in a basic memory stick and a brand new game and you still got a system that's nearly $300.

Isaac Hayes has quit South ParkWhy? Because they dared to mock Scientology. It's good to know Mr. Hayes is comfortable being such a total hypocrit. South Park does nothing but relentlessly mock everything, and Hayes was obviously ok with it until they picked on his particular creed. I am pretty much just amazed that Hayes can say this with a straight face. If you want to check out the episode (which Tom Cruise also sued over), click here

Final Fantasy XII is finally out in Japan. It's good to know that it's actually seen the light of day somewhere, I was beginning to think it would never see the light of day. At least, not in its current form. Gives me good hope that it won't be too long until we see it stateside (although probably not til the fall at any rate).

Well, obviously, Jack Thompson just won't be stopped until he's a complete laughing stock: Thompson has now bullied Wikipedia into locking his entry and given vague threats to the editor of Game Politics (scroll down a bit to March 13th for the article). Now admittedly, wikipedia isn't the most reliable source on the web, as anyone can say anything they want about somebody, theoretically, but this is just getting way too silly. You'd think with all my mentions I would've gotten some sort of legal threat by now, I could sure as hell use the publicity....

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