An offer they can't afford

This coming week is a pretty huge one gamewise. Not only are two major wifi titles for the DS being released in the long-awaited Metroid Prime: Hunters and Tetris; Oblivion is finally out for the PC & 360 as well. But the biggest release is arguably EA's long-delayed The Godfather is out in stores as well. Now, it's development costs were on the high end, but it may very well be the most costly game in recent history as it's not being released in time for the holiday season cost the company Over $800 MILLION. I'd just like to take this opportunity to say HA!!! Seriously, for that much money you could've easily made several hundred decent selling original properties and made a tidy profit (or at worst a marginal loss). Instead, you pooled all your expectactions onto an old license and it kicked you in the ass. EA getting kicked in the ass this hard is good for the industry, let's hope they learn a little something from it.

Better hold onto that copy of Katamari Damacy, it may be the last one for awhile, or ever. Can't say I blame the guy, not sure what more you could do with the title except possibly add online play, which given the craptacular quality of multiplayer in the last game, may not be such a good idea anyways.

Wanna see a really cool concert? Check out this vid of The Mario & Zelda Big Band. It's classic Mario & Zelda tunes played in a variety of musical styles. Why can't we get this stuff over here?

I did see V for Vendetta earlier today, and I'd say it mostly lived up to the hype, with really great performances, spectacular action, and just the fact that it's a lot different from your average lone guy against an oppresive authority movie. V is a terroist, he uses extreme means that your normal do-gooder wouldn't resort to, but hey, maybe that's why he gets results and other heroes usually end up facing the same villains over and over again...

And finally, here it is, the free game of the week: BUMs: Back to School.

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