It's great to be wrong sometimes

Well thankfully, my hunch that Larry the Cable Guy's new film would be a suprise hit was way off, as it didn't even make it into the top 5 this weekend. I guess the apocalypse is a little further off than we all thought.

Ok, so with Tetris and Hunters, you could say the Nintendo DS wifi have something for everyone now with puzzle, shooting, racing, sports, and whatever the hell category Animal Crossing fits into. The problem? Nintendo's still half-assing it. There are plenty of other DS titles that should take advantage of wifi-Advance Wars, Worms & Bomberman just to name a few. If they really want this to work, they need every possible title to take advantage of it. It would at least guarauntee a few more sales on lower profile titles.

So in the past month I've probably checked out a couple hundred Kingdom Hearts II fan vids, and in my opinion this is the best one, should get you even more pumped for the release this week.

That's really it for today. FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: DON'T SHOOT THE PUPPY!!!

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