A proper send off

So just how did Matt Stone & Trey Parker deal with the Chef situation? The only way they know how. And apparently, Hayes decision to quit may not have been entirely of hs own volition. In a way, this proves how much of a legitmate religion Scientology is, because none of them can take a fucking joke anyways.

The Game Developers Conference happened this week, and while at first it was fairly dull, plenty of interesting tidbits have been leaked. Previews for A new Zelda for the DS and God of War II were shown. Sony announced that they have dropped the much ridiculed boomerang controllers they showed at last year's E3. And Nintendo announced that over 1,000 Genesis games as well as some TurboGrafx-16 titles will be downloadable along with titles from all of Nintendo's past systems. While on the surface that sounds cool, I can honestly barely remember 100 really worthwhile Genesis titles, and the only worthwhile thing on the TG-16 was Bonk's Adventure...

The 360's camera and specs have been announced. I honestly think it's a horrible idea, however...

And finally, I have pretty much spent every waking hour of the last couple of days playing Oblivion. It is an excellent game that improves on the original in every possible way. It almost makes me not pleased that Kingdom Hearts II is out next week since I'll have to divide my free time between the two.

That's really all for today, but I'll definitely be back tommorow with thoughts on this weekend's movies and probably a couple other things.

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