The difference between Apple & Sony?

Does anybody have an answer to this? Cause I sure as hell don't, yet the whole IPhone smacks mysteriously reminiscent of Sony's PS3. A hugely overpriced piece of junk that even if it performs great, does a bunch of crap you don't need and does nothing to really justify the price. Shouldn't people react the same to a $600 phone (along with really pricey monthly plans) with the same apathetic attitude they've had towards a $600 console that offers very little to even the audience it's aimed at? Yet the buzz and press is pretty much the polar opposite of the PS3. The Iphone is at the very least thought to have good potential, while the PS3 is considered a dismal failure so far(and rightly so, truth be told). There's only one explanation:


Moving onto movies this weekend:The easy choice is definitely Ratatouille. As I talked about when I saw the sneak preview, this is a simply brilliant film anyone should easily enjoy. There's no reason not to see it, unless you hate fun (much like the food critic in the movie). But also possibly not to be missed is Michael Moore's latest film, Sicko, about how fucked up the American health care system is. I wasn't a big fan of Fahrenheit 9/11, as Moore was way to smug and self-congratulatory on showing things that were blatantly obvious to all but the remaining Bush supporters who were too stupid anyways. Sicko is in familiar territory for him and looks to be a much better film, so I'll definitely be more willing to give him another shot (though probably not for $10 bucks at the theatre).


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Pelechati said...

If you look at sales figures you will see that PS3 is at nearly the same point in # of units sold as Xbox 360 was at this point in its lifecycle.

Go get your hands on an iPhone before you start calling it a $600 piece of junk :)