Lucky Number 13?

I really didn't mean to go nearly a week without posting, but it's like there's been a general pop culture news embargo. I mean really, aside from the Fallout 3 teaser (which does look really sweet, the entertainment world has gone sort of mute. Gaming has an excuse, the new toned-down E3 is next week, and while the ridiculous spectacle is gone, their will hopefully be lots of earth-shattering news, but nothing really that worthwhile in other mediums has happened either. I'll expand on my pre-E3 thoughts this weekend, in the meantime, we've got another trilogy wrap-up coming, this time one that nobody really asked for, Ocean's 13. I'm somewhat optimistic, as the cast and crew have claimed this entry is a more "fun" film than the previous one, which was 2 hours of dreary torture, but again this just seems like an excuse for these guys to get paid to hang out for a few months.

It certainly seems like a much better option than the alternates. First, we have Hostel II, a guaranteed horrible sequel to the horrible original. Yeah, it made money, but I'm thoroughly convinced audiences just have no clue what makes a good horror film anymore after seeing the first one, then actually hearing people praise it and not call on it for the complete pile of garbage it was.

Then for the kids there is yet another animated film starring penguins, Surf's Up. Do kids still care about surfing? Does anybody aside from hardcore enthusiasts? Granted, it's probably a better bet than Shrek, but that ain't saying much.

That's mostly all I have for today, but I'll definitely be back this weekend (possibly even tomorrow) with some pre-E3 stuff and in the meantime, here's one of the funnier videos I've seen in a long time: HITLER GETS BANNED FROM XBOX LIVE

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