Somewhere, Jack Thompson is smiling

Hell, he might even be living it up and getting drunk of his ass with some hookers after today's news. Not only is the yet to be released Manhunt 2 banned in th UK, but it's also been slapped with the dreaded "Adults Only" rating, a first for a major console release. What this essentially means is no major retailer like Walmart will carry the title, and even places like EB games might not carry it in store, making the chances of this game being a financial success on any level slim. This may even result in a delay or outright cancellation of the title if Rockstar & Take Two are determined to either tone it down so it recieves an "M" rating or just decide they'd rather just scrap the game altogether (though that's an incredibly unlikely scenario). I always thought the "AO" rating, much like the NC-17 rating, is a ridiculous joke. I mean, if a game/movie has an R/M rating, you need to be an adult or have your parents buy it for you. Can somebody explain to me what the need is for an additional rating that basically states that even if your parents want to buy it for you, they can't? Cause that's what's implied by the rating, which makes it ridiculous and unnecessary. What I'm personally hoping is they'll tell the ESRB to go fuck themselves, stick with the game as is, and as long as it doesn't suck, I'll support them the best way I can, which is through my wallet. I suggest any able-bodied adult gamer do the same, because if a good game with an AO rating sells through the roof, it'll force retailers to rethink their position on such titles. Of course, if it's a horrible game, let it flop like it deserves, because obviously the mature content is then covering up for actual quality, much like any modern day horror film...

Sadly, the only noteworthy release this week is a Wii port, but it's reportedly the supreme version, as Resident Evil 4 once again hits store shelves. $30 bucks sounds like a good price for easily the best Resident Evil to date, but even with fancy new controls and new content for those who only played the Gamecube version will it warrant a purchase? My guess is absolutely, especially if you are starved for some good Wii action as good releases have been sparse since Super Paper Mario.


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