Steve Carrell is NOT Jim Carrey

But apparently nobody told the crew behind Evan Almighty, the sequel to Carrey's smash Bruce Almighty, that. The general consensus is that this is a Jim Carrey movie without Carrey; and Carrell, while he is a brilliant comedian, just is very different from Carrey. You can't do a movie made for one, substitute the other, and expect good results.

A horror movie with really positive reviews? It must be a sign of the apocalypse. I'm heavily tempted to check out 1408 given the extremely positive buzz and lack of ridiculous gore, but as I've previously alluded many times I honestly can't remember a scary thriller in the last 15 years or so that's actually scared me.

And finally there's a movie that seems ridiculously out of season, as Angelina Jolie is obviously trying for another best actress nomination with A Mighty Heart. Which means this belongs at the very least in the more serious fall season and not amid floods, scary haunted rooms, giant robots, etc. Which might speak of the studio's confidence in it.

Finally, in what might be the oddest team up since Disney & Square. Sega & Bioware are teaming up. To make a DS game. That's an RPG. That's based on Sonic. This will most likely rock, and arguably be the shot in the arm Sonic has needed since his Genesis days to pump some life into this franchise. Rest assured, it will rock with Bioware behind it and I hope it's not too long off.

Free game of the week: CAPTAIN ZORRO

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