You're only as old as Big Brain Academy makes you feel...

Another week, another lazy Wii port. Big Brain Academy: Wii Degree could've been a great game, and from all reports it works fantastically with the Wii remote, but the lack of real variety kills it. Plus, it's $49.99 price tag is pretty steep for a low-tech casual game.

Another port, reportedly not done so lazily is Scarface for Wii, which should be in stores tomorrow. Granted, it's probably overkill if you're still playing The Godfather, but between these games, Resident Evil 4 & Manhunt 2, anybody saying the Wii is a "kiddy" system will just look like a jackass.

I'd like to highly recommend an under-the-radar demo. I had heard nothing of Overlord before this past weekend, when the demo was released. I hadn't expected much out of it, but what I got was an enjoyable, twisted & extremely funny take on games like Pikmin. If they can tighten up the camera a bit we may have a great sleeper title on our hands.


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