The Format War is over? Nah.

So, about a month and a half ago, Walmart apparently declared unofficially HD-DVD the winner of the format war. But a lot can change in a very short amount of time. That story's validity has been thrown into question, and we probably won't really know the truth until the holiday season which is when Wal-Mart will start carrying these supposedly super cheap HD-DVD players. Well, the other major player in the movie market, Blockbuster, seems ready to declare a winner now, and it's Blu-Ray. Whether or not this is a crushing blow remains to be seen, as the war so far has been measured much more on units sold, not who rents what, and if Walmart is indeed planning to unveil a line of super-cheap HD-DVD players, Blockbuster may just turn around and follow their lead anyways.

I did manage to check out the new Fantastic Four this weekend, and it didn't suck, even more so than the first one. It was a fun experience and better than the original, and I look forward to the nearly guaranteed 3rd movie given this beat expectations opening weekend.

I also got a chance to catch a sneak preview of Pixar's latest, Ratatouille. I was kind of worried Pixar might be in a downward slope since Cars was just ok, but this may actually be Pixar's best movie to date. It was funny, excellently paced, and a true family film in the sense that anybody of any age should get a lot of enjoyment out of it. I think it's seriously the best movie so far this year and you should definitely check it out when it opens on the 29th.

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