Ben Affleck's future

May clearly be behind the camera. Unlike most jaded internet jackasses, this is not a dig on his ability to act. Hell, anybody who watched Hollywoodland should know the guy has some chops. But he's arguably getting his best acclaim to date in his directorial debut of the new mystery-thriller Gone Baby Gone. It looks great, so I'm definitely going to check it out this weekend and hopefully people won't avoid it just because Ben Affleck made a few bad films.

Sadly though, people will probably turn out in droves for the suckfest that will be 30 Days of Night. I mean really. Vampires in Alaska? With only Josh Hartnett to stand against them? Sounds like a 2nd rate Sci Fi channel movie, not a worthwhile theatrical release.

But also worth checking out this weekend is the re-release of one of my all time favorite films, The Nightmare Before Christmas. I haven't gotten a chance to check it out in 3D, which is something they've been doing for a few years now, so I expect to have a very good time checking it out this weekend.

Are game companies reading my blog? Probably Not, but two things I've been championing for awhile have sort of happened, so of course I'll believe it's all due to my efforts! Firstly Little Mac is actually in Brawl! Unfortunately, it's only as an assist trophy, which is a bit of a jip, but at least he's in there. Much more exciting though, is that Okami has been officially announced for the Wii! A true sequel would probably be a little more welcomed, but of all the ports being made, none makes more sense then Okami. Hopefully it will not be criminally ignored like it was on PS2. Actually makes me sort of glad I never finished the original...


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