Monkeys + Pirates=Pure WIN

Joining IGN, Kotaku, and just about every sensible gaming website/blog on the planet. I am pleading with every Wii owner to go out and buy Zack & Wiki this week. Preferably in about 10 hours when it should actually be in stores. You want to send a message that 3rd parties can succeed on the Wii, that not everything has to be a collection of 2nd-rate minigames, that something daring and original can actually succeed? This is your chance right here. For all the whining the gaming public does about cookie cutter sequels and shoddy rushed licensed cash grabs, when something daring and great comes along, they often miss the boat. We saw it with Beyond Good & Evil, we saw it with Psychonauts, and we really saw it with Okami (although at least that's getting a second chance on the Wii next year). I really can't say anymore on the subject except to just go out and buy the damn thing. If your budget is a little tight, the bigger games like Guitar Hero III will still be in plentiful supply whenever you have the money and you know it. With a game like this, you never know if the case is going to be the same, so don't miss out.

And also a quick reminder that the FINAL SEASON of Scrubs starts this Thursday. I fully admit that last season was a low point, but still had some really strong episodes, and hopefully they'll finish this off in a classy way unlike so many other long-running shows that essentially cop out or aren't even worth caring about anymore.

Trailer of the week: Drillbit Taylor

Drillbit Taylor - Trailer

Posted Sep 24, 2007

Two high school freshman are targeted by the school bully on the first day of school. The boys hire what they think is a low-budget soldier of fortune to protect them, but he turns out to be anything but.

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