Too much of a good thing?

The Orange Box is easily the biggest game release this week, and arguably the best deal ever. For a mere $60, you get arguably the greatest shooter to date, Half Life 2, it two episodic expansions, the heavily anticipated multi-player frag fest Team Fortress 2 & the very unique puzzle game known as Portal. Unfortunately, thanks to my 360 being out of commission for about a month, I may have to hold off on this purchase til I at least finish Bioshock and/or Stranglehold/Eternal Sonata/Blue Dragon. But if your gaming schedule isn't as clogged up as mine, I highly recommend picking up this great value.

OMG! SONIC IS CONFIRMED FOR SMASH BROS. Excuse while I joygasm, you can too while watching his intro vid:

In addition, some official titles for Nintendo's downloadable service, Wii Ware, were announced. Final Fantasy as a downloadable title? Could be interesting.

That's really all I got for today. But check out this sweet new music vid I made for the upcoming Wii title No More Heroes:

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