How about a seeker of movies that don't suck?

Cause this weekend major releases are sorely lacking in the quality department. First up, we have the latest attempt to spawn some new Harry Potter-esque franchise with The Seeker: The Dark is Rising. How much of this crap do we have to suffer through? The reason the Harry Potter films (and the Lord of the Rings films) have worked is because they weren't cheap obvious cash-ins. These latest attempts reek of of exactly that.

I really hope Heartbreak Kid delivers the message that everybody else as tired of Ben Stiller's one-note neurotic act as I am. He's still fairly funny in supporting roles that are different from his usual shtick (see Dodgeball), but the guy hasn't really been able to carry a film in years.

It doesn't open nationwide until next Friday, but George Clooney's latest, Michael Clayton actually looks worthwhile, and it's playing here, so I definitely plan on checking it out.

The PS3 store unleashed a demo of the upcoming Simpsons game by EA. That'll teach me to get excited about a licensed product. I honestly thought because EA wasn't rushing this, it'd be one of the few Simpsons games that didn't completely suck. But aside from really solid presentation. like many EA games, this was a mess of bad control and outright poorly designed gameplay that brings to mind who the hell thought this would be entertaining?

A $400, 40-gig PS3 is all but confirmed. Will this be the move the PS3 needs to finally compete? A decent selection of software wouldn't hurt, but this is a good step. The real question is what is being sacrificed aside from unnecessary hard drive space? The removal of a couple of usb ports and the card slot isn't very significant but I have heard rumors of a complete lack of backwards playability, which given the current (and for the near future) library, would be a very bad thing indeed. I honestly don't think price is as much of an issue as something to really sell the system, which probably won't happen until Killzone 2 finally hits. Assuming it even delivers.


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