Yeesh. Just after I get my 360 back, my computer completely dies on me. I'm not sure of the exact reason, as I've had plenty of times where the thing crashed and took awhile to right itself, but it usually recovered. I didn't have anything truly important on there thankfully, but it's already a pain getting new passwords for everything and I dread the long prospect of re-installing most if not all of my music (plus some files I'll probably have to download all over again). This forced me into buying a new computer, which I was sort of seriously thinking about anyways, but I'd rather I had time to pick something out I knew was perfect for me at a great deal than just having to grab one thing by the end of work today so I had something to keep me connected to the oh so precious interwebs. I definitely went for simplicity as although it's a new laptop that while most likely far superior to my relatively powerful as of 3 years ago rig, probably can't run any current top games. But as I thought about it, I couldn't think of many enough PC games that would warrant me spending the kind of money required for a suitable gaming machine, so I just went with the simple model that could easily do the basic stuff any pc these days should be able to do. Probably could've gone even cheaper if I went with the tower equivalent, but what the hell, I like the idea that I can actually take this with me if the need arises.

Making some headway in the mountain of games I'm currently trying to tackle, I did beat Bioshock on Friday. It's an incredible experience, to be sure. But I do think one area they could've improved on was boss fights, especially the final one, since he had a ridiculously easy pattern and was dumb as a rock in a game mostly praised for its AI component.

I also saw Michael Clayton, which while I thought it was a tad too predictable, was extremely well acted and an excellent choice for anyone craving a really solid legal thriller.

FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Portal: The Flash version

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