10 more Disney games that should be remastered (besides Rescue Rangers)...

We're in the middle of Disney game mania out the moment, with Ducktales and Disney Infinity already out and a remake of Castle of Illusion due out soon. It might be hard to remember but Disney actually has a fairly good catalog of classic 8 & 16-bit titles that seem pretty ripe for the
"remastered" treatment, be it a straight up audio and graphical overhaul or a complete overhaul that still stays true to the spirit of the original. Rescue Rangers is beyond obvious as a top choice, so I'm picking 10 lesser known, but no less worthy great Disney titles of yore that should really get a new audience to enjoy them:

#10: The Little Mermaid: This was a perfectly decent side-scroller, much in the vein of Ducktales before it. But I think a remaster with the great music and proper voice acting would let it rise above, as obviously the NES was incapable of properly reproducing those magical moments from the classic film. I'd be a little reluctant to pay $15 for the nostalgia, but $10 would be a pretty fair asking price.

#9: Jungle Book: Granted I'm far more nostalgic for Talespin than I am for the movie most of it's characters came from, but the sad fact is though several games based on that awesome cartoon were released, none were particularly memorable or even good. Jungle Book, however was an excellent game that could easily benefit from fine-tuned graphics, and a rousing rendition of Bare Necessities (and maybe I Want To Be Like You as well). This is pretty much a no-brainer as it's listed as one of the best Genesis games of all time.

#8: Quackshot: Pretty much the only decent title where the one and only Donald Duck has the lead role all to himself, Quackshot was a fun and very solid title that actually followed kind of well in the treasure-hunting footsteps of Ducktales. Remix the music and add in some voice acting along with an HD touch up and you have a winner here.

#7:Darkwing Duck: A lot more varied than most of the above, DW had a fantastic Mega Man-esque vibe to it with different weapons and gadgets you had to use. Releasing it with updated graphics and voice acting could be like getting that Darkwing movie we have so deserved.

#6: Gargoyles: A great action game of the time that still holds up pretty well of easily Disney's most complex and mature show. This was pretty well animated for the time as well, but it could be even better given a fresh coat of HD paint and some voice acted cut-scenes.

#5:  Goof Troop: Goof Troop could've been a simple cash-in, but it was a rather creative puzzler, requiring some thought since you couldn't simply attack enemies. It also has some pretty functional and fun co-op. Hell it's a little bit like a top-down Toejam & Earl, with mild differences between Goofy and Max. It's pretty much faded into obscurity and would benefit well from a current HD release.

#4: Lion King: One of two insanely well-done representations of Disney classics on the Genesis, I almost think you could re-release Lion King as is and no one mind. The animation is nearly on par with the new Ducktales release. Though it was great for the time, it would benefit from a big audio upgrade with improved music and some voice. Maybe also an easier difficulty setting as an option as it was damn hard but still very good.

#3: Aladdin: This would be the other game that still holds up INSANELY well. You just did not see 16-bit games that looked this good. Of course that would mean nothing without great gameplay, which Aladdin had in spades to the point where EGM gave it Genesis GOTY. Even the music is damn good, but could benefit just a tad from having more modern quality. I'd easily pay $20 for even the most basic re-release of this absolute classic as would many others.

#2: World of Illusion: Castle of Illusion is nearly here, and it's certainly a better game, but World of Illusion, the follow-up is a good game in it's own right and would greatly benefit from a loving remake in the same manner. The co-op play is extremely fun and the animation and music is already pretty top notch and would only look even better with an HD coat of paint.

#1. Magical Quest: Simply put, this is one of the best SNES titles of all time. Seriously, it's #23 on IGN's list of best SNES titles. It's simply fantastic classic 2D-platforming combined with a great costume system (sort of like the one in Lego City Undercover) that all balances so well. I wish they still released license games of this quality on even a semi-regular basis. Whether it's released in classic form on Nintendo's eshop or given an upgrade and released for current or next-gen consoles, this title NEEDS to be available to mdoern audiences.

That's all for today, but I should hopefully be back Friday with impressions of this week's latest releases, namely Xcom: Declassified and Saints Row IV.

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