No more heroes, only Killers...

Ugh, the week got crazy, didn't really have much time for playing games. I played just enough of Splinter Cell: Black List to see that for better or worse it's classic Splinter Cell, which I've always had a problem with because sure you are a master of stealth, but if you get discovered you can't take down even the most common goon without much trouble.

I also got a few hours in with Xcom: The Bureau. It's very unpolished with bad A.I., but admittedly there is something there in the setting and the battle system that keep you going. It probably wouldn't be a bad buy at around $20 and I'd certainly be interested in a more polished sequel.

However, there is a new Suda 52 game out this week! It's called Killer is Dead and it looks like No More Heroes but better so I am psyched. So psyched I made a video! Enjoy and hopefully I'll have another post up Tuesday.

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