Nintendo fails at the name game again...

Nintendo came out with a couple big announcements this week-The more surprising of the two being the unveiling of the super cheap 3D-less 2DS. It's a very attractive price at only $129, but the name and form factor are questionable. This new 2DS doesn't fold, which granted solves the issue of kids possibly breaking the hinges but leaves the screen more vulnerable and frankly the form factor is just weird, it cannot fit into a pocket. This wouldn't be an issue for me as I mostly carry mine in a backpack but for the younger crowd this is clearly aimed at it would matter.

But the most troubling thing is the name-Uninformed consumers (and employees) will see this and be utterly confused. Why? Because there are no 2DS games. Sure you can try and assure them that DS & 3DS games work, but odds are they won't believe you or at least they will take a lot of convincing.

The bigger and probably overdue news is that the Wii U is getting a price drop. It's still about a month off but this new slick Zelda bundle will retail for $299, which might finally be enough to spur flagging sales. How attractive is a free digital copy of a decade old Zelda game? I mean Wind Waker is awesome and there is a whole generation of gamers now who haven't played it, but then again the ones most excited for it are probably the ones who have played and enjoyed it already. I also think Nintendo's antiquated account system is robbing them of some sales as well, as that Zelda gamepad looks great but no one will buy one if it means losing the Wii U stuff they already have since it's tied to one account. Anyways, I think this'll help and the fact that software is finally coming out will hopefully prove Reggie right and move units, but any chance Nintendo had of even competing with The PS4 and Xbox one is petty much done at this point unless those just do incredibly poorly because no one cares about next gen and everybody is just sticking and tablets and phones like some analysts ares saying...

That's all for today, I'll hopefully have a new post up in the next day or two.

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