Same old story....

Ok granted I'm only about 3 hours into the latest Tales title, but if you've played a previous Tales game, don't expect a ton different here. You've even got the oft-used character who appears human but clearly isn't (in this case Milla, but I find her more enjoyable than the more naive and childlike Sophie from Graces, the previous title). I like the new shop mechanic though, where you level up shops rather than having new ones in the latest towns you reach. The upgrade system is something we've seen before but not in a Tales title so it's a nice touch as well. It's sort of interesting how series like Tales, Dragon Quest and Monster Hunter have remained pretty stubbornly unchanged and yet remain fairly popular while everyone is talking about how Final Fantasy, which is willing to take risks with just about every entry, needed to go back to the drawing board. Maybe FF would be best served by going back to its roots, though the problem is I think just about every entry has it's fans. Maybe if XV is a return to form they can stick with that formula and just slowly evolve it over time. Anyways, Those looking for a good JRPG fix would probably do well to pick up Tales, though if you haven't been a fan of the series or felt it was getting stale, this probably won't change your mind.

And I did manage to get my hands on Dragon's Crown for a rental. I'm intrigued, but not $50 intrigued, especially with my rpg plate being fairly full at the moment between Earthbound, Xillia and Dream Team in just a few days. The combat is like Golden Axe in both good and bad ways, and though it's been awhile, it seems a little slower and stiffer than those old-school beat-em ups it's aping. And while the fact that you can level is great, the fact that you are basically forced to repeat levels to grind is annoying. MP would make this pretty tolerable I think, but for some weird reason it's essentially gated and you have to unlock it for EVERY SINGLE CHARACTER YOU MAKE. That's just stupid. Even so, I might be a little more willing to really get into it if it was $20 and I had nothing on my plate so maybe down the line I'll give it a real go but I couldn't even remotely recommend this right now.

That's about it for today I should have a gamer cinema for my next post hopefully that'll be up on Friday.

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