Matchmaker, matchmaker make me a match...

If you have a strong group of friends to play with regularly, the world of online MP can be a wonderful place. But if either due to differing schedules, or just not having a lot of friends who game online in the same games they do, some are forced to try and find civilized strangers to play with. For some reason, this seems a near impossibility sometimes, especially on Xbox live, which seems to host the vast majority of the most immature, racist and sexist assholes in the universe. The last game I seriously got into online MP was probably Halo 3. I did play some Mass Effect 3 MP in order to get my galactic readiness up, but that was only for the bare minimum to get that accomplished.

So, Microsoft wants the Xbox One to continue to be the premier console for MP, but with such a hugely hostile environment, how will they not only get new players but not lose what they have now in order to grow?

Well they have a plan. Basically in addition to user feedback, some super sophisticated algorithm will supposedly take into account all feedback and other things like reported cheating and dropped games and sort gamers into good (green), needs improvement (yellow) and avoid (red). And then essentially match gamers of the same level together. So basically the assholes would have to play with other assholes. Now if this works, we could be in for some kind of MP haven for civilized gamers. I want to believe it has a chance of succeeding,  but the realist in me says it'll be far too easy to game the system. Like I can easily imagine people meeting on a message board to artificially raise or lower reps, it doesn't seem that hard and some vague algorithm probably won't know the difference. I mean there's a reputation system on live now, and it doesn't really work for squat. Hey if it works and the PS4 doesn't have a similar system (though for whatever reason the ratio of assholes to decent people on PSN seems far less) that would be a key reason to get an Xbox One over the competition. I certainly will hold out some cautious hope that it does work as advertised, but I'm not holding my breath.

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