Gamer Cinema: Game Over The Documentary

There are some fantastic video game documentaries out there. Indie Game: The Movie & King of Kong are absolutely incredible. Game Over, which claims to chronicle the last several decades of gaming and it's rise in popular culture is more like a clueless fluff piece by completely out of touch people that manages to patronize, stereotype and damn all at once.

Where should I start? How about the fact that history-wise, it coves almost nothing, focusing 99% on current games so that chronicle line is a bunch of bullshit. Then the fact that it treats cosplaying like it's some kind of goddamn disease when it's no different than sports fans putting on jerseys and face paint for their teams and players. And while they have a couple of decent short interviews with the creator of the Final Fantasy series and creator of Journey, it mostly focuses on what would be considered the dregs of gaming society, like a guy who was obsessed with online gaming to a dangerously addictive degree. But mostly, you see it tell the unsympathetic story of a group of gold farmers and how their oh so bright future of making $300 a month and being useless assholes is threatened by the free 2 play model. It treats the fact that someone with a decent job plays games at all surprising.  Pretty much the only positive is that it's short, running just over 50 minutes so I didn't have to suffer to much.

That's all for today, but seeing as there's a bunch of Nintendo news breaking today I'll most likely be back with a post on that and more tomorrow.

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