Being hard headed can be a good thing...

Especially when your head is literally your only weapon, such as in Bonk's Adventure, which was released on the Wii's Virtual console today along with the classic Bomberman 93. Both were released for the TG-16, which is great for me as I never got into that system, but always wanted to try out many of the titles, especially Bonk.

It being Thanksgiving week, several big movies are opening tomorrow, and surprisingly, not all of them look like complete crap. Deja Vu, starring Denzel Washington, has him essentially playing a Timecop sort of role, but obviously Denzel's acting is well above Van Damme's, which should make for a much more entertaining movie.

Potentially more fun is Jack Black & Kyle Gas in Tenacious D: The Pick of Destiny . The band certainly has a devoted following, but early buzz is that only the most hardcore will get any serious enjoyment out of this film, and I'm merely a casual fan, so I'll probably just rent it on video.

Of course, not everything opening this weekend holds promise. Danny Devito and Matthew Broderick make us question why anybody still pays these guys to be in movies in the horrible holiday shlock Deck the Halls. I mean seriously, the last time Devito was entertaining was when Taxi was still on the air, and Broderick has been on nothing but a downhill slope ever since Ferris Bueller. They really both should just disappear before people stop remembering them fondly.

And finally the much-maligned The Fountain opens this week. After being booed at a venice film festival, the outlook was not very good, and the reviews so far seem to support that early reaction. Granted, I'm curious what could be so bad that a high-profile crowd actually negatively reacted, but that's hardly a reason to spend my hard-earned money on seeing it in a theatre.

Ok, seeing as we are only 9 days away from the season premiere of Scrubs, this will be my last Scrubs clip until the end of the season (and possibly the last one if this turns out to be it's last, which has been heavily rumored for awhile). But it's a goodie as it's some of Cox's best moments:

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