FINALLY! Picked up my Wii along with Rayman & Zelda at around 12:30 am (along with Def Jam: For NY & Smash Bros to test out GC functionality, and they work flawlessly) and have just been fooling around with it for the last couple of hours (creating Miis is a complete blast). To be honest, I was still sort of worried, sure I tried out the Wii, but it was in a Nintendo-controlled event-for all I know it was some very fancy trickery mimicking my movements there. The virtual console lineup is...interesting. Sure, you have some solid classics like The original Zelda & Mario 64, but Wario Woods? Ooook. I plan on getting a few Zs before any lengthy gaming sessions though, so I'll give a more full report this evening.

And I did see Casino Royale before picking up my Wii (wonderful convenience having a movie theatre right in the same mall as the EB I go to. It was pretty goddamn awesome, my only complaint is that the villains were way too numerous and not really memorable. Hopefully, they can stick with one major villain in the next one.

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