Best. Weekend. EVER.

It should be pretty obvious why this is the best weekend ever, as not only are two huge system launches happening within 2 days of each, but we've also got Daniel Craig in Reportedly the best Bond in a long while (though I really enjoyed all the Pierce Brosnan ones), Casino Royale, which is not only a reboot for the series (based on Bond's first adventure), but reportedly a more dark & serious take. Now granted, that's the direction they tried to go with Timothy Dalton, and it nearly killed the franchise, but the trailers look sweet and I can't wait to check it out Saturday before I pick up my Wii.

Of course, it wouldn't be the holidays without crappy kiddy fare, and we have that in the seemingly banal Happy Feet. When Robin Williams was cast as the Genie in Aladdin, it was inspired, but throwing him in any animated film nowadays is tantamount to admitting your movie sucks and you desperately needed his comic improvising (which has gotten tired by now anyways) so the kiddies wouldn't leave the theatre in droves out of total boredom.

Those searching for comedy may be intrigued by Let's Go to Prison, especially since it stars Will Arnett from Arrested Development & is Directed by Bob Odenkirk, but there have been no advance screenings, which speaks really poorly for a movie with this caliber of cast & director, and the trailers looked incredibly weak.

Finally there's Fast Food Nation. What was a disturbing and chilling book is no turned into a movie, and you know how it goes-The movie almost always sucks, which seems to be the case here as well. Considering the book is nowhere near a coherent story or characters, I'm not even sure how they thought this could be a movie.

Been thinking about an Xbox 360, but the price is still to steep? How about one for only $100? It looks like a done deal as Amazon is having their customers vote on it, but there's only going to be 1,000 available for this, so you'd better act quick when it happens in about a week. If you think this sounds too good to be true, keep in mind that core systems are essentially dead weight as nobody buys them, so Amazon may be trying to just unload whatever they've got of that stock. And of course you'll still have to buy a hard drive, headset, a year of xbox live and a game, but that should still only run you around $350, which isn't a bad deal by any means. I will certainly try and get in on this, but considering I'll be a little short on overall funds due to the Wii launch, I may just buy the system to start and wait til my next paycheck to buy the rest of what's required.

Lastly, it really seems like Nintendo's truly dragging their feet when it comes to this whole online thing, as the only thing you'll really be able to do launch day is download games, the weather, news and internet browser will be available in the near future. Granted, I'd rather have that they are sure everything works properly before it's out, but it would've been nice to try and do a blog post from my Wii on Sunday...

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