The reviews are pouring in...

Although still several days off, early review are starting to pop up on some of the higher profile Wii & PS3 games. I just got my new issue of EGM with the Halo 3 blowout on the cover (which honestly, I haven't gotten around to reading and probably won't til the launch mania has settled down), and their full on reviews of Monkeyball & Dragon Ball for the Wii are actually fairly solid, along with some quick favorable impressions of Zelda & Resistance for the PS3. Gamespy has a glowing review of Zelda up and IGN has an almost equally glowing review of Resistance along with favorable reviews of Wii Sports and Trauma Center. Of course, most of the early reviews are of the premier titles for each system (especially with Zelda & Resistance). It remains to be seen whether these early solid games indicate a good general lineup, or are a few gems standing among what is mostly a giant pile of dung.

So, think you all set because you got your PS3 pre-order from Gamestop/EB Games? Might want to give your store a call to be sure, as their launch units have apparently been slashed by at least 40%. Sony claims they'll be able to fill all pre-orders by Christmas, which I'm sure is extremely comforting for people who stood in line for hours in the early AM so they could get one this Friday...

And that's not the half of it. Many highly anticipated titles have been cut from the launch-Sonic, FEAR, Oblivion & Full Auto 2 are all delayed until some vague time next year. Some much for all those high-profile games, all that's really left now is Resistance unless some sleeper hit comes out of the woodwork.

That's really all I got for today, so here's your SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK (SEASON PREMIERE NOVEMBER 30TH!!!):

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