Medium Entertainment rings in the Holidays

Ok, I really have no specific big topic to post about, but several little ones. I finally did get some quality time in with Zelda over the last couple of days, and it's a truly breathtaking title. I'm usually a little underwhelmed on games most places proclaim as "teh best game ever" (and IGN, 1up, Gamespy and tons of other sites and mags have proclaimed Twilight Princess as one of the finest games ever made), but so far, at only 8 hours in, I've been riveted by all the amazing stuff. Most notably the integration of your gadgets, as they all have uses well beyond what the game initially informs you of. It's that rare game that really entices you to explore and experiment with the tools at your disposal, and you'll be surprised at how second nature this line of thinking becomes. I'll have to play some more before a final verdict, but this is definitely one of the best games I have played in a long while.

But, equally addicting is that damn Mii feature. I love receiving Miis from friends and sending others out. I love checking the Mii parade for new Miis everyday, and I especially love making celebrity Miis. I made Einstein, JD & Turk from Scrubs, Dilbert, Mario & Luigi, and even Al Roker (cause he was real easy).

That's all I really got today, but to ring in the holidays as my header states, with every update I will be posting some sort of Christmas... thing (some will probably be NSFW, so you are forwarned). Today it's nearly 10 glorious minutes of Christmas clips from The Simpsons. ENJOY:


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