What's worse than only 400,000 units at launch?

How about having them slashed YET AGAIN!!! BY AT LEAST HALF!!!. Although this is some analyst talking out of his ass and not an official statement, it certainly fits with Gamestop/EBGames having at least 40% of their expected units cut. Should be real fun when the early technical bugs start showing up and people want a replacement....

And it's a shame, as a PS3 demo unit was at my work today and I got some good time in with Motorstorm, which not only was extremely fun, but looked pretty damn good. Too bad it's not a launch title. As for the controller-it did feel noticeably light, but I felt it responded really well and I've never been a fan of the rumble feature to begin with (oooo, the controller shakes! yeah, that's immersive!). But Sony sure as hell can't make money without any systems to sell.

And as bad as the launch seems to be going, PS3 is hardly the worst launch, not by a longshot, as shown by Gamedaily's list of the 10 worst consoles ever (although I still love my Saturn, it was definitely a massive failure in most aspects). It's kind of sad how many of those horrible systems I've actually owned over the years...

Sonic makes his next-gen debut this week, and only on the 360. I wish I could say I was excited, but Sonic's been on a steady downhill slide since he went 3D with no end in sight. Plus, Sega just doesn't seem to get that nobody cares about his furry friends, as now they've added a lame psychic hedgehog! Memo to Sega: Drop all the saturday-morning quality buddies and just give us Sonic, and make him fast. At least the Wii exclusive Secret Rings holds some promise of a return to former glory.


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