Will Ferrel is a drama queen

Will Ferrel goes the Truman Show route with his own mind-bending, semi-serious dramedy in Stranger Than Fiction. Early buzz is that Ferrel shows some serious depth and it's a good film, but let's hope he doesn't exactly follow in the footsteps of other once-great comedians who had a great dramatic turn and then quickly did a long stream of duds.

Somebody apparently forgot that Halloween was last week, and that The Grudge was already out last year! Because here we have The Return, yet another film starring Sarah Michelle Gellar about a violent incident that haunts a place and kills people or some nonsense. I'll take a wild guess that Santa Clause 3 is scarier (and probably has a plot that is more grounded in reality even if it is about Jack Frost trying to take over Christmas...)

And Christian Bale tries to stretch his acting chops even further in Harsh Times as a psychotic ex-army guy on the edge. It seems pretty promising, but the reviews are split 50/50, so I may just check it out on video.

Finally, Russel Crowe is back in A Good Year, which sounds like one of the most boring and tired setups ever. I mean, how many times before have we seen this where some guy in a position where he makes a lot of money can't possibly be happy? He must be missing something in his life! He needs to conform to some antiquated idea of simplicity in order to be happy! What a complete and utter crock that is.

That's really all I got for today, as not much in the way of news has happened, but I'll probably be back Saturday with another Wii video day and post again on Sunday about anything else.

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