Blast from the Past...

To say the years since the 16-bit heyday of the Genesis have not been kind to former Mario rival Sonic would be a massive understatement, as Sega has chipped away any goodwill they built up from his prime with terrible after terrible release. There was the rare bright spot, namely a majority of the portable titles and Sonic 4: Epsiode I was a decent attempt to return for form, but it's becoming harder and harder for longtime Sonic fans to give a damn anymore.

And yet, Sonic Generations shows us a glimmer of hope. Not a big glimmer, mind you, but the demo that popped on Xbox live a few days ago showed us just a glimpse of what Sonic could be, letting us play the Green Hill Zone in glorious hi-def. It was a brief experience but it was a magical one. Now, I'm not about to get fooled again, Sega has spent way too much time burying their once beloved mascot and pissing on the grave to get me truly truly excited again, but they do have me holding out just a little hope that Generations will bring back at least a little bit of the 16-bit glory.

I also saw Green Lantern yesterday. Maybe it's because my expectations were just a tad lowered because of the really bad reviews it has gotten, but I'm not understanding the hate at all. At least one review said it was worse than Jonah Hex. I can tell you it's far better than that laughably awful movie. It's certainly not up there with the greats like Dark Knight and I might rank it below say X-Men First Class or Thor but it's still a really solid flick with good performances and fun action sequences. People complained about too much CGI as well, but it's a movie about an intergalactic police force, what did you expect? I get this sense that people were either just suffering from too many comic movies or just expecting something way different and didn't get it and a perfectly good film suffered for it. Unfortunately this may quash the planned trilogy, which would be a shame because I would definitely be up for another one.

Ok that's really all I have for today but I should have another post up tomorrow or Tuesday. Until then here's your BIG BANG CLIP OF THE WEEK:

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