Well sort of. If you don't regularly keep up with Penny Arcade, in addition to their pretty brilliant constant commentary on games and pop culture, does a lot of inspired one-off ideas that really seem like they could be developed a lot further into full blown comics, TV shows, Movies, etc. Nothing ever really seems to come of it, but hopefully this will be a huge launching pad for PA properties because really, we need to see a real version Automata as soon as possible...

Moving on to movies of the here and now, the X-Men reboot First Class opens today. Admittedly with X-Men's last outing being rather abysmal and the rights still being owned by Fox we shouldn't have too high expectations, especially of something that just screams quick dirty reboot. But you give Matthew Vaughn source material and he makes it work, as evidenced by the really high praise it's already getting. I unfortunately don't have time to see it this weekend, but I fully intend to check it out next week so look for a review sometime after all the E3 madness most likely.

The PSN network is back up, yay! No freebies as of yet but I did download the demo for Infamous 2, which hits next week. My thoughts? Maybe it was just the limits of the demo but for missions in an open landscape it seemed very arbitrarily limited. For example I come to a big park where a huge fight is going on between soldiers and monsters. The lead monster is called Ravager. I led it away from the park and killed it on a roof top that wasn't far away, but somehow that was considered failing the mission and I had to start over. Makes absolutely no sense. Otherwise, I have the same issues I did with the first game, and that's ultimately that the controls feel iffy and way too loose, making anything that requires precision difficult (especially say launching cars at enemies, which while a cool idea, is nearly impossible to do with any accuracy).

Finally, file this under incredibly stupid ideas. Now, I'd love to see an awesome Star Trek game based on the new Star Trek movie. Obviously a Star Trek game would involve space exploration & combat, possibly with some shooter elements thrown in if you are boarded by Klingons or whatever. But a whole game based strictly around co-op shooting with Kirk & Spock? Excuse me for a moment....

Ok that's it for today, but I will hopefully have another post up tomorrow with my review of Kung Fu Panda 2 as well as a couple other things. Until then, here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Dragon Age Legends Remix

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