Post-mid E3 thoughts....

E3 isn't quite over yet, but the big 3 had their press conferences, which are usually the thing people care about most each year, so let's break those down:

Microsoft: Awful, just awful. People complained about Nintendo abandoning the hardcore, but that was on full display here as it looked like the 360 was just becoming Kinect with a couple of trivial titles thrown at the core crowd to keep them satiated. Admittedly it wasn't as mind-boggling painful as last year But the only midly interesting thing in the entirely laughable 90 minutes was the live TV service which may not be much of anything depending on what they offer at what price.

Sony: Arguably Sony's biggest mistake this year was no big blockbuster announcements. There was nothing really surprising for the core players. The Move had nothing but really boring titles. The Vita looks perfectly serviceable but I didn't see one title that makes it a must buy. Honestly after the PSN network debacle I expected them to blow the doors off because frankly they needed to and they didn't. Pretty much the only positive is that a new Sly Cooper game was coming.

Nintendo: Ok yes, Nintendo. You sold me on the 3DS because while it started off soft, there are a ton of games in the near future that will be awesome. So I picked one up after the conference and so far I'm really enjoying it. But where's the new IP? There doesn't seem to be any. Wii support? None aside from Zelda which apparently is the last Wii game ever. Ok but what about the new console, the Wii U? Hell if I know. A bunch of major 3rd party titles were announced, but it was nearly all titles that would be out long before the system itself is. You want me to wait to play Arkham City? You're fucking nuts. And really, the main thing they seemed to focus on-that you can continue playing your game when somebody else wants to use the TV, doesn't seem like much of a feature. I mean I love the idea of playing Zelda in 1080p on my 42-inch flatscreen but not extremely thrilled about say my wife wanting to watch something and me really having no valid excuse to say no since I can transfer it to my much much smaller screen. And honestly the controller looks fucking huge and clumsy. I'll hold off judgement until I get to handle it and given that they've already announced Smash Bros. is at least in development I'll get one at some point but this is far from a day one buy to me right now.

Ok that's it. I should be back tomorrow with more E3 thoughts. Until then, here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Goin Up

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