The E3 game I'm currently most excited about...

 Is Luigi's Mansion 2 for the 3DS. Why do I even care about a sequel to a quickly forgotten Gamecube launch title that nearly everyone (including myself being completely honest) considers a poor choice when Nintendo had much more bankable stars? Well for one, I've always liked Luigi more than Mario. He's more human, has more personality, the he's the Donald to Mario's Mickey. Mario is almost lacking a personality at this point because they've been so concerned on making him the family friendly face of Nintendo that he cannot possibly be flawed and have any edge or flaws and therefore he is pretty bland. It's Luigi who gets to not be perfect and cowardly and actually overcomes his fears in most games he's in, so getting him another chance to step out from his brother's shadow is a great thing. Also, while a poor choice to launch the Gamecube with, the original was a really solid game that was a lot of fun, it was just short, like 6 hours max. This one promises to be much longer with several mansions to traverse and a whole ton of new tricks at your disposal to use. While not an original IP it is a pleasant surprise to see Nintendo giving one of their best secondary characters some long overdue love. It just sucks that I have to wait til next year to play it.

Ok that's really it for today's post.  I should hopefully have another post up this weekend, but no gaurauntees as it's pretty packed at the moment. In the meantime I leave you with your TRAILER OF THE WEEK:  Girl With the Dragoon Tattoo

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