The Top 8 Nintendo classics that should be remade for the 3DS

You know what arguably the best part of Ocarina of Time 3D is? It actually looks like what I remember it like in my mind, because let's face it as much as it was an awesome title, it really hasn't aged well. Now it looks on par with a high-end Gamecube title, which is a huge upgrade, along with the improved z-targeting and 3D capabilities has made it the definitive version of a highly regarded classic, which is not an easy thing to do. And after playing it for awhile I can honestly say if all the 3DS ends up being good for is portable remakes of classics (i.e. Starfox 64 will hit in a few months and Tales of the Abyss should be released sometime this year) I'd be pretty happy as long as they are of the caliber of OOT. With that in mind, here's 8 Nintendo classics that could use a 3D upgrade: 

Blast Corps: One of the most original and fun N64 titles, Blast Corps, from Rare's glory days, always gets mentioned whenever someone puts up a list of best Nintendo or especially best N64 titles. Deservedly so, and it hasn't really made any sort of resurgence in the nearly 15 years since it originally came out. A fully realized re-release with some graphical upgrades and 3D capabilities added would make this classic even better.

Super Mario 64: The above picture should be proof enough of why we need a definitive version of this on the 3DS. One of the greatest games of all time and arguably still the greatest Mario game to date, much like OOT, the classic gameplay hasn't aged a bit, but the at the time stunning graphics sure as hell have not. This classic really deserves the same treatment that OOT got, and sadly we may miss out because of a quick and dirty port to the DS when the system launched that added virtually nothing to the game and it may be considered digging into the well once to often.

Banjo-Kazooie: Man, I forgot how many good games Rare made before Microsoft bought them (seriously, what the hell happened there?), and nearly all of them on the Nintendo 64. This being another prime example, one of the best-selling titles on the systems, easily stood toe-to-toe with any platformer at the time, only bested by Mario 64. And sure, it's gotten a solid digital release for 360 owners, but a portable version to bolster the 3DS' platformer library would be quite a welcome announcement.

Donkey Kong 64:  Another classic Rare title (I know they got paid a lot of $. but Rare seriously lost something when they left Nintendo), and another awesome platformer. A lot of N64 owners actually missed out on this because it was one of the few games that required the expansion pack, yet another Nintendo add-on that offered tons of potential, but was rarely used. A re-release with online for the extremely fun multi-player modes is very warranted.

DK Jungle Beat: Granted, mini-bongos would be awesome, but realistically the touchscreen is a perfect fit for this rather brilliant but virtually ignored title. It obviously wouldn't benefit too much from the implementation of 3D, but honestly just the thought of playing it on the go with a touch screen gives me very happy thoughts.

Super Metroid: Other M left a pretty bad taste in most people's mouths, so it's time to remind people exactly how awesome a 2D Metroid can be, and what better way then with a proper re-release of one of the greatest games ever made? I would keep it side-scrolling with a huge graphical upgrade, and use the 3D for things like map layouts, which would be a pretty awesome effect.

Wave Race: Just an incredibly fun racing game that seemed to sort of get ignored once Mario Kart 64 hit, it would do really well on the 3DS, taking advantage of not only the graphical boost and 3D effects, but the tilt controls could also be used incredibly well, like many other titles it could easily be the definitive version of a classic.

Star Wars: Rogue Squadron: I think it's been long enough that most of us would enjoy another Hoth level, especially in 3D. The 3DS seems custom built for this title, and the somewhat similar Star Fox 64 will probably be a perfect example of this. Done correctly this could pretty much be a killer app for the 3DS, and although probably unlikely at this point due to either licensing issues or Lucas just having his head up his ass for so long, it is easily the remake I would like to see most on this system.

Ok that's all for today, with a little luck I'll be able to get a post in tomorrow. Until then, here's your FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Robinson Crusoe: The Game

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