Robin Williams and the Legend of his Beard...

Seriously, just look that damn thing. Sorry about no post yesterday but I've been fairly sick the last couple days, praying I'm mostly better tomorrow so I can actually go pick this up. Granted there is always a chance that a re-release, especially with a makeover like this will suddenly remind us of things that we somehow glossed over in our fond memories of a classic, but this is indisputably one of the finest games ever made. You normally don't mess with such a nearly flawless formula. Yet all the reviews point to this as being the definitive version of this highly revered title. It also finally is a title that really justifies owning a 3DS(because as far asI can tell the only worthwhile title before now was . Yes it would be bad if the primary reason to own this was 3D remakes of old classics, but this is a good title to really push the system early in it's life and hopefully this is mainly something to appease us early adopters til later this year when the system really starts getting some quality original titles.

Ok that's really all I've got energy for today, I should have a post up Wednesday at the latest with my impressions and with thoughts of other things. In the meantime, here's your BIG BANG THEORY CLIP OF THE WEEK:

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