My 9 most anticipated E3 games....

Ok so Kung Fu Panda 2 review may not be coming, it was frankly too damn hot out today and after running a couple errands I was in no mood to brave the heat again. I'm sure your all crushed. Unfortunately due to my schedule, I probably won't have time to watch and post about the 3 big E3 conferences until Wednesday (I'm considering cutting myself off from most of it until then and just watching the conferences in one solid block). But like everybody else I've got games I'm absolutely salivating over to read about and see new videos posted. So here are the top 9 I'm most excited to check out (and you should probably be too)

#9: Fable: The Journey-Fable has a really divisive history. I think most would agree the closest the series has come to actually attaining the lofty goals set by Peter Molyneux was II, with III being a huge step backwards. But I'm willing to give the 360's flagship rpg series another shot. Of course, they most driving thing is aside from a title, we really know nothing. Is it a Kinect spin-off? Major expansion/DLC? A collection of craptacular minigames? Either way as of right know I'm extremely interested to find out.

#8 X-Men : Destiny-Now granted, X-men games haven't been extremely exciting as of late, but this wholly original game not tied to any movies or TV shows that has you starring as a new member who gets to fight alongside the X-men just screams awesome potential. Of course, there's plenty of potential for it to go the other way, but over the last few years when we have gotten a licensed game that isn't tied into any movie or TV show we've actually gotten pretty solid results so hopefully this'll be true of this game as well.

#7 Uncharted: Golden Abyss-Sony's NGP/Vita/whatever has to make one hell of a showing considering how poorly the PSP did in order to convince people it's not going to be the same thing. Golden Abyss may be the exact title to do that. The Uncharted games are arguably the best reason to own a PS3 and could be a very. very compelling reason to buy Sony's new portable if they really do it right.

#6 Ratchet & Clank: All 4 One-Ratchet and Clank games always deliver compelling fun gameplay, and this should be no exception. Adding in co-op online play is a daring new step, but one that seems badly needed with all the "me-too" online shooters these days. It would be a well overdue breath of fresh air to have a title like this that is probably the closest thing we may ever get to New Super Mario Bros. Online.

#5 Super Mario 3DS-Admittedly the 3DS lineup has been majorly lacking in solid games. Hopefully at E3 this will change, spearheaded by an orginal Mario game that while we don't know a lot about at this point, has been promised to be a combination of Mario 64 and Mario Galaxy which just sounds like the best game ever.

#4 Zelda: Skyward Sword-Possibly the Wii's swan song, also possibly a launch title for Project Cafe? Nintendo has done it before. Either way, Zelda games are always amazing and usually great at showing what Nintendo consoles really are capable of and Skyward Sword will be no different, at this point I just want to know it'll actually be out within a year.

#3 Skyrim: It has been way too long since we have seen an Elder Scrolls game and I don't think I've spent more time on any one game, pouring a couple hundred hours into Oblivion. I'm very prepared to do it all over again. This will be a timesink like no other, and we will welcome it gladly.

#2 Arkham City-The sequel to the best superhero game ever aims even bigger and actually looks to outdo its predecessor with more villains, more gadgets and even a little help from Catwoman. I'm still amazed at how good Arkham Asylum is because according to all logic a licensed game just can't be that awesome and yet Arkham City seems primed to somehow top it.

#1 Mass Effect 3: The epic conclusion of the greatest video game trilogy of this generation (possibly ever) is finally here. And It'll be different for everybody. Who's still alive? Who's pissed at you? What seemingly minor decision did you make way back in the first game that has probably doomed the galaxy to extinction? It all comes to a head here in what promises to be one hell of a finale. And you know it will want to make you go through the series time and time again just to see all the possible outcomes.

All right that's the list. Most likely the next time I post will be Wednesday, but I may post sooner if possible. Until then, here's your BIG BANG THEORY CLIP OF THE WEEK:

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