Will you follow Suda 51 to Hell and back?

Ok unfortunately there will be no Ocarina of Time impressions as of yet as I wasn't able to get my hands on the game until this afternoon so I won't really get any quality time with it until tonight and hopefully I can give impressions sometime between tomorrow and Saturday. In the meantime there are several big games out this week worth discussing, the most interesting probably being the latest from Suda 51, who brought us awesomely weird games such as Killer 7 and the No More Heroes games, Shadows of the Damned, featuring a gun named Johnson. Yeah, it's not afraid to go for the easy jokes, but then No More Heroes was all about some ultimate nerd rage fantasy so it seems very keeping with the style you've come to know and sometimes love from Suda. I've previously mentioned I pretty much see him as the Quentin Tarantino of video games, which can be a polarizing factor, but for the most part I really enjoy his work and hopefully this wacky trip to Hell will be no different.

Dungeon Siege III also is out but judging from the demo and the reviews this strictly falls under the "buy if you've gotten everything else interesting" category. Shame too, as we could use a console-focused dungeon crawler that didn't really dumb itself down.

Finally there's F3ear. And no that's not a typo, it's the 3rd game in the desperately trying to be scary Fear series, but instead of simply going with Fear 3 they went with the absurdly stupid F3ear. This could be the best game ever and I probably won't ever get it just on principle. But since it's your standard shooter just mixed with horror elements I doubt it's much special to begin with.

Ok, that's all for today with a little luck I'll get a couple of posts in by Saturday. In the meantime, here's your TRAILER OF THE WEEK: The Muppets

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