Ben Affleck is just super, thanks for asking.

Hollywoodland, which focuses on the mystery surrounding the original Superman, George Reeves' (Affleck) death, marks what I think is Affleck's long overdue return to challenging dramatic roles that will hopefully end his cold streak. I've always thought his best work was his more edgy stuff-Chasing Amy, Dogma, even his short but memorable parts in movies like Mallrats and especially Boiler Room which showcased a much darker side than when he became a box office megastar were where he really shined. Hopefully this movie is a start back on that road, and most of the early word is very positive, and I am definitely seeing it this weekend.

One movie I'm sort of debating about is The Protector. I love kickass martial arts films as much as the next guy, but I wasn't as entranced by Ong-Bak as most others. I found all the fancy editing really jarring and distracting. But Tony Jaa merely starred in this movie as opposed to directing it, so that gives me some hope I'll be able to see it without having to bring motion-sickness pills.

One movie I'm not even debating is The Covenant, yet another in a long line of obviously horrible films not even screened for critics. I mean, I sure as hell am interested in going to a movie about incredibly bratty rich kids with superpowers that they use primarily for their own gain, aren't you?

That's all I really got for today, but I'll be sure to post sometime this weekend.

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