Planning on getting a PS3 so you can bask in all the high-def Blu-ray glory? Well unfortunately, Sony has decided that their $600 system doesn't need the necessary cables included with the system so you have to go out and buy them yourself. Way to piss off what few fans they must have left. I can think of few things more frustrating than being informed that in order to get my shiny new overpriced console to work like it should, I have to go out and hunt down some expensive cable that should've been included with it in the first place.

I was pleasantly surprised by Crank. Make no mistake, it's completely mindless, but that's why it's fun. The action sequences are fresh and energetic and don't go too over the top like say the XXX movies; and the film has a good sense of humor and doesn't take itself too seriously.

I did something I haven't done in probably at least a decade and I'm not very proud of myself. I bought the strategy guide for Disgaea 2. Generally, real gamers don't buy strategy guides, especially today with most of the info easily available at various websites. It's not even that Disgaea 2 is that hard, but a lot of what is in the guide should've probably been in the instruction booklet to begin with, like detailed info on all the basic classes (there's well over 200, for chrissakes) and a much expanded explanation of the item world & weapon mastery. I consider it $20 well spent for a little piece of mind, as trying to manage my continually growing army of peons without any guidance was driving me nuts.


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Anonymous said...

HDMI calbes are fucking expensive I dont blame sony for not including them. Not even comcast gives you HDMI cables when they deliver your box.