Want to play your original xbox games on your new Xbox 360?

Backward compatibility on the Xbox 360 is done through software*

Let Circuit City install it for you
For just $28.99

What are the benefits to playing original Xbox games on my Xbox 360 console?

• Every game* will be playable in high definition.
• Every original Xbox game* will be upscaled to 720p and 1080i, and will take advantage of Xbox 360's anti-aliasing capabilities, delivering a picture that is clear and crisper than anything available on Xbox.

*Refer to the original Xbox games list to ensure compatibility on the Xbox 360.

In case you didn't know, all you need to make your xbox 360 backwards compatible is AN INTERNET CONNECTION! If you don't have one? You can contact MS and they'll send you a disc that you can simply slip into your 360 to get backwards compatibility FOR FREE. Now give me my fucking $28! I have worked in retail nearly all of my adult life, and while I understand we as a industry constantly sell people stuff they don't really need, this is simply customer fraud. I actually used to like Circuit City, but the fact that they let this go on at ANY store is fucking inexcusable and they better hope a class action suit doesn't come out of it because they will lose BIG time. I am permanently boycotting this slimy fuck of a company and anyone else with any common sense should do the same. This is a true low for any buisness to purposely deceive customers like this. Unfortunately, I don't have enough info available to my to file a complaint with the Better Buisness Bureau personally about the specific store this photo was taken at(and there are no Circuit City locations in Seattle itself so I can verify if it's the same at other stores), but I bet someone else has already gone ahead and done it, I suggest if you see such a display in a local Circuit City, you do the same. I honestly too disgusted and pissed about this to write about anything else right now, so I'll be back tomorrow with my thoughts on Crank and a few other things.


Mike said...

this isnt any different than a computer repair shop charging people to get rid of spyware on their computer. if they wanted to, they could download FREE spyware removal programs and do it themselves, or you could PAY to have someone do it for you. same with any installation of anything. someone is providing a service that you dont have to do yourself, therefore they have the right to charge. dont degrade a business just cause you need something to rant on for your website.

Anonymous said...

I agree, you're not paying for the CD, you're paying for the work being done to have someone else do it for you. (Look at car dealerships, they charge 300-500 to unwrap your new car and take it for a test drive and fill it up, 30 minutes work) I know its unfair, but at least if they break your xbox, they are liable to replace it.