Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

Billy Bob Thorton and Jon Heder team up in the somewhat promising comedy School for Scoundrels, which looks like the best bet this weekend, with ti being from the same director who gave us Old School, Road Trip, & Starsky & Hutch, all of which I found pretty entertaining. Unfortunately, the early reviews are mostly lukewarm, but I'll probably check it out along with finally catching Fearless either Saturday or Sunday.

Also this weekend, Ashton Kutcher faces off against.. Ashton Kutcher! No, it's not some horribly awful-twin movie, just a fairly mediocre-looking animated film & an even more mediocre-looking drama. Whose bright idea was it to put Kevin Costner & Ashton Kutcher in a movie? The Guardian will just be another example for both actors to show their complete lack of dramatic ability. Furthermore, whose bright idea was it to put Kutcher & Martin Lawrence together? In a family animated film? Lawrence isn't that funny to begin with, and when limited with a PG-rating, he's absolutely atrocious. As for Kutcher's comedic abilities? Sure, he was amusing on That 70s Show, but he has yet to make one entertaining film. I'm sure kids will eat up Open Season regardless.

Animation overload! Every single episode of Simpsons, Family Guy, Futurama, Family Guy & American Dad all in one convenient spot-This probably won't last long, so enjoy it while you can!

Finally, yet another game I'm going to have to put off getting until I beat one of the several I'm working on came out this week: Valkyrie Profile 2. I really enjoyed the original, and the reviews for this new entry are all really solid, unfortunately, I may not really get around to it til the new year with me very slowly progressing through Okami & Disgaea 2, and after those I still have to get back to Shadow Hearts: FTNW, and somewhere in between all that Final Fantasy XII will be out. Why I am even planning on picking up a Wii at this point again?

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