The Wii Calculator

So just how much are you going to spend on Nov. 19th? The Wii calculator should give you a pretty good idea. Assuming I get 3 sets of all the controllers for me & my friends and family, and I'm only planning on buying two games at launch (Zelda & Rayman), and the cost rings out to: $681.46. Good thing I work at Best Buy, I'll be taking generous advantage of that employee discount.

Episode IV of Super Mario Bros. Z is finally up, this is easily the best flash series ever.

On to this week's movies. Pretty much the only one I'm interested in seeing is Fearless, Jet Li's "final" martial arts film (yeah, and the Rolling Stones only had one farewell tour...). Regardless, it looks incredible, and I am extremely pumped for it. I mean really, what else is there? Johnny Knoxville nearly killing himself again in Jackass 2? Sean Penn in another pretentious and sure to be overrated performance in All the King's Men? Or Flyboys, which features James Franco yet has barely been advertised? Sounds like a martial arts epic is the only realistic option this weekend anyways...

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