-Seriously, this is just amazing how they got all the angles and it syncing up perfectly with all the different music, I just honestly wish most of the clips were a little longer.

Moving on, I saw several films this weekend, starting with The Illusionist. I thought Giamatti & Norton gave fine performances as usual, but they were anchored by a fairly dull & predictable plot.

I also did see The Protector. It did feature some impressive fight scenes, but star Tony Jaa just really seems lacking in the intangible quality that would make him a big screen star.

But easily the best film I saw this week (and one of the better ones I've seen this year) was Hollywoodland. Affleck does his best acting in years (possibly ever) as George Reeves, and a genuinely involving mystery that actually leaves you with questions unanswered (in a good way) anchored by a strong performance by Adrien Brody as the PI hired to investigate the "suicide".

We all know the 360 is cheaper than the PS3, right? Well, if you just want to play games, yes. However, if you want the full experience from each system (especially including the HD-DVD player for the 360 due out this fall), the PS3 actually comes out at a much cheaper price. It would be a much better selling point if PS3's weren't going to be so ridiculously scarce. Odds are that if the 360 doesn't have a major price drop by the time the PS3 launches, it will by the time it's actually easy to get.

A Suppossed early list of what should be available on the Wii's virtual console come launch day has been revealed, and it's already more impressive than just about anything Xbox's live arcade has to offer in terms of classic old-school gameplay. Though it will remain to be seen if the original titles developed for download will be as cool as Geometry Wars or the Upcoming Castle Crashers.

Finally, my buddy/arch nemesis Sean O'Connell has posted an interview with Zach Braff while he was promoting The Last Kiss, which in case you didn't notice the giant banner that's been hanging around all month, opens this coming Friday.

FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: Starfighter: Quadrant Wars

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