Use the LEGOS, Luke!

Sure, the long overdue original versions of the Episodes IV-VI came out today, but what I'm really excited about is Lego Star Wars II. The original was a surprisingly fun game and the new one looks to a vast improvement, especially since it's based on the far superior original trilogy. I'm honestly still too wrapped up in Disgaea 2 to get another game right now, but I'll definitely be picking it up down the line when my queue isn't so backed up.

A ton of big DS games are out this week. Mario Hoops, a basketball game starring Mario & pals that makes extensive use of the stylus and focuses more on how many "coins" you accumulate than actual baskets. But maybe a more traditional basketball title would've been the right way to go, as the general consensus is that it's lacking in good play mechanics.

The first DS appearance for the seemingly never-ending Mega Man series, Mega Man ZX is also out this week. The reviews are solid, but Mega Man is more worn out than World War II games at this point, and I just don't have any interest anymore.

Never thought you'd see a MS franchise on a Nintendo system? Well, that day has arrived. Mech Assault: Phantom War is also out for the DS this week. Early word is that thid matches the excellent series it's based on pretty well, so Mech fans may want to give this one a look.

Harvest Moon makes it's inevitable DS debut. If you've played one farming sim, you've played them all (pretty much because this is the only farming sim out there).

And finally, one of Ds' more unique titles, Cooking Mama, is out this week. It sounds like another quirky title along the lines of Wario Ware or Brain Age. It's also a pretty good impulse buy at only $19.99

The absolutely brilliant 2nd season of The Office is also out today. Scrubs is still my favorite show on TV right now, but The Office is definitely the funniest show on TV in the last year. I really hope they can keep it up for at least a few more seasons.


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