Universal tells Sony to WALK THE PLANK!!!

The title will pretty much be my one and only reference to Talk Like a Pirate Day. But getting serious, Sony has been dealt a huge blow in the next gen format wars, which may ultimately affect the PS3 as well. Universal has decided they aren't making ANY Blu-ray titles for Sony, essentially cutting out a huge potential library, and this is the first big studio to initially side with Sony and then leave them stranded for all intents and purposes, and others may follow suit soon after. Sony's determination to have the major proprietary format for games & movies may ultimately be what really does them in at this point.

We all know Nintendo is making a giant mistake by not having any actual online play when the Wii launches, but what is arguably worse is having an unfinished and broken system because you feel you have to have something to go with when you launch, and that's exactly what Sony may be doing. Now, I fully expect the first year of Sony's universal online system to be a somewhat rocky experience, just like it was with Xbox live, but if Sony's not 100% committed to making it a kick ass system, free or not, people aren't gonna go for it.

Zelda box art. I look at this and any fears I have about the Wii being anything less than a spectacular system pretty much melt away. Nintendo has yet to make a Zelda game that has been anything short of legendary, I'm positive Twilight Princess will be no different.

Finally, I've got a few videos to end today with:

Just cause it's cool-THE MUPPET MATRIX (Kermit>Keanu)

Weird Al's new CD, Straight Outta Lynwood, is out next week. Here's the first of hopefully many brilliant videos off of it: WHITE & NERDY (Donny Osmond dancing like a spaz is the funniest damn thing I've seen in a long time):

And of course the SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK:

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