The brush is mightier than the sword.

Easily this coming week's biggest release, the much anticipated Okami finally arrives on PS2. It boasts a lush visual style for more appealing than the ultra-realistic looks most next-gen titles go for, and features very unique play centering around using a powerful paint brush that lets you affect the world around you. As good as the game sounds (and I fully plan to pick it up). This sounds like the kind of game that would be perfect on the Wii, so hopefully a port is being considered down the line.

Speaking of games that would be great to port over to the Wii, a whole ton of Sierra compilations for King's Quest
, Leisure Suit Larry, Police Quest, and Space Quest are out this week as well. I would've preferred A Hero's Quest compilation to Police Quest, but otherwise, this is an excellent chance for somebody to pick up classic adventure games, I'm certainly at least enjoying some quality time with Roger Wilco, humanity's greatest space janitor!

And if last week's barrage of DS titles wasn't enough to satiate you, three more big titles hit this week. Slimes are apparently tired of being the whipping boy in just about every RPG ever made, so they finally have a game of their own in Dragon Quest Heroes: Rocket Slime. Although it's an action puzzler, not an rpg. It does appear to be a bit on the kiddy side, but it's gotten surprisingly solid reviews (even game of the month in the new EGM), so it's probably worth your time to check out.

Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow, marks the series first appearance on the DS. I've honestly never really gotten into this series, though admittedly my limited experiences with it were mostly the weaker entries (namely Bloodlines for Genesis and the truly atrocious N64 3D attempt), but the concept of Metroid with an old school vampire hunting theme definitely are tempting me to give it another go.

And finally, the latest in the seemingly never-ending series of Pokemon titles: Pokemon Rescue Team. In this latest adventure, you actually play as a Pokemon for a twist rather than a trainer, so it seems to be more a traditional role-playing game where you naturally gain party members as you progress rather than just "catch 'em all!".

I picked up Lego Star Wars II for the DS. I think it's good, but it's the version I'd least recommend out of all the other systems. The camera angle is problematic and really limited and if it's possible the A.I. is even stupider than in the console versions.

And lastly, I did manage to see The Last Kiss. I feel a little misled by the advertising quite frankly, as calling this a light-hearted comedy is way off. It's a serious & heavy exploration about growing up. It's a little hard and depressing, as Braff's character makes plenty of bad choices that a protagonist normally doesn't, but the dialogue & acting are top notch. I'd overall recommend it, just be prepared for it not to be some silly romantic comedy.


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