In a double whammy of extremely bad news (even for Sony), it turns out that the ever more important European market will not even get any PS3 consoles this year. Yikes, what could be worse than missing the crucial 2006 holiday season in Europe? How about slashing their projected launch shipments for those of us getting it this year by a whopping SEVENTY-FIVE PERCENT. So, even if you can afford a PS3, you'll probably have to enter some sort of deadly tournament in order to procure one. You know, despite all the bad press, I always have been of the opinion that Sony would in fact pull it together in time to at least make a solid launch, but even that doesn't seem feasible at this point. What good are exquisite-looking games if even those with tons of disposable income can't get their hands on one? If they have as long a shortage as MS did with the 360 initially, this will definitely be the swan song for Sony.

Some extremely interesting details have leaked about Ubisoft's Far Cry for the Wii, specifically, that it will feature online support. Granted, this could be something as simple as downloadable content, but also could be fully-fledged online multi-player. Far Cry is a 3rd party launch title, which contradicts the report by IGN that no 3rd party launch titles would have online support. This may not be cleared up til we get closer to launch, but at least there's some hope.


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