Baby, you can drive my car

Pixar, possibly the most successful movie studio in history, releases their newest guaranteed smash tommorow, Cars. I don't think every movie of theirs is great, but their box office track record is undeniable, while othe animated films seem to be roughly assembled with nothing more than a wing and a prayer, Pixar tends to bring something new and fresh just about every time that actually appeals to the whole family, and I'm fairly positive Cars won't be any different.

But for that senior citizen crowd, there's always A Prarie Home Companion. Seriously, is there anybody under their mid-50s who even knows this is based on an old radio show? The only reason I know is cause my dad is a huge fan and used to torture me with it on long road trips. The cast looks inspired enough (Kevin Kline is pure gold in anything), but Altman hasn't had a seriously good movie since Short Cuts, which was nearly 15 years ago...

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Anonymous said...

>>>>"based on an old radio show"
The 'old' show is still live every weekend.

From The Torturer

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