A Special Video for all the dads out there

Well, technically it's Monday, but this video is for all the fathers who get home from a long day every day and just want to let off some steam: DAD'S HOME!

I did see both Cars & Nacho Libre this weekend. Nacho Libre was fairly mediocre, essentially Jack Black spouting off in a bad Mexican accent for 90 minutes with nothing else. Cars was enjoyable, and looked fantastic, but pounded in its message a little much and not quite up there comedy-wise with Toy Story or A Bug's Life.

Like most kids of the 80s, I grew up reading Mad Magazine, but I've barely been aware it existed since I was a teen. But they may have finally written their best article ever: The 50 worst things about video games. Pretty much every single item is spot on. I only wish this was onr their joke articles, most of these things seriously make me question why I even bother playing fairly often...

Proof games are helpful to you? Meet Brad Coleman, 18-year old pro NASCAR driver. How'd he get his mad skills? He says it was VIDEO GAMES! Eat that, Jack Thompson!

Ok, that's it for today, FREE GAME OF THE WEEK: BASE JUMPER

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