Master of the Universal Remote

Adam Sandler will probably continue to defy all logic by having another hit on his hands with the already critically reviled Click. Despite not having a entertaining film since The Waterboy nearly a decade ago (Longest Yard was easily the worst movie I saw last year, yet it somehow grossed just over $158 million). I think the concept is sound enough, but it seems from the previews that this is a concept that really goes nowhere, and none of the jokes in the previews were even remotely funny (no pun intended).

Would Sony be where it is today without the mega-franchise Grand Theft Auto? Sony crazy man and co-Chief Operating Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Jack Tretton seems to think so. Because GTA isn't the biggest mega franchise of the last generation or anything and isn't the sole reason many people who conisdered gaming uncool bought a PS2. There's pretty much only one franchise that comes close to selling those numbers these days, and that's Halo, which is a 360 exclusive. GTA isn't anymore, and in fact will have exclusive episodic content on the 360. And I'm sure Take Two, the developers of this reveloutionary franchise that did in fact help propel the PS2 into a leadership foothold in its early days would be so pleased that Sony has dismissed them so easily...

Furthermore, is Sony even going to be relevant in the near future? Buisness magazine Buisness 2.0 seems to think not. And granted, their reasons are pretty sound, and I'd love to see Sony fall flat on their face in both the console & dvd market, but saying Sony & Kuturagi especially are pretty much on their way out is a bit premature before their admittedly troubled next-gen formats even come out, as Sony has a long history of crap hardware that has sold extremely well (Beta & UMD notwithstanding).

Ok, somehow, it completely slipped by me that the 4th season of Newsradio has been out for a while, so I picked that up today, therefore completing my Newsradio collection (I try to pretend the abysmal 5th & final season did not exist). Other shows about wacky office employees only wish they could have had a run half this good (NBC's The Office may get there, but it's only had one brilliant season so far, we'll have to wait and see if they can keep it up), I highly reccomend you pick up all 4 seasons of this classically underrated sitcom.

Finally, to go out with a laugh, here is John Stewart, coming to the defense of gamers and once again proving that idiot politicians just have no fucking clue...

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