Out with the Old.....

Notice anything different? I've really been wanting to do something more drastic with the style of this blog for a while, just never seemed to really have the energy or time till today. So after searching pre-created templates for several hours and finding none that I liked, I sorta made my own half-assed one. The collage is completely my creation(using Picasa, which is a wonderfully simple, easy & most importantly, FREE program you can use to make collages like the one that serves as my background) and I just used a different blogger template with a darker color scheme that I liked better for the rest. What I didn't realize was that resetting the template would also delete all my links, so I just simplified the whole list, added a few in, took a few out (if I left someone off who reads this blog, contact me and I'll add you in). Most of these are way more well-known then my little blog anyways, so if I've made someone a new fan of Penny Arcade or Gorillamask or whatever, let them know so hopefully I can get a few more hits in return.

Ok, moving on, want to check out some of the adventure classics of yesteryear, but don't want to have to scour ebay & the internet itself for the games & the right software to run it? Never fear, You can download completely free VGA remakes of KING'S QUEST ONE, TWO, and THREE for free at those links and they'll run great on your modern hardware and look way better than the original version anyways. If you've never experienced these, you owe it to yourself to try out the classic gameplay (puzzles that require actual thought! Haven't seen those in over a decade!) and any of us who remember these timeless classics will want to experience them again. I can only hope some creative programmers with plenty of free time start doing the same to the Space Quest series(although a couple fan games were made, which you can download here & here).

Well, it looks like Uwe Boll has his first official opponent lined up-Richard Lowtax (from Something Awful, which has published more than a few disparaging articles about Boll) has apparently gotten an invite for Boll's exclusive fight club of people he's not afraid to beat up for saying his movies suck. I'd still love the opportunity to take you on in a steel cage match, Mr. Boll...

Ok, that's really all for now, since I haven't really slept since Monday night thanks to updating the blog's new look after I got home from work and desperately need some shut eye, but I'll probably be back later on in the day if anything newsworthy breaks. In the mean time, here's the SCRUBS CLIP OF THE WEEK:


Anonymous said...

gotta love picasa, a total ripoff of iphoto....Love the new background countdown till the big move is on!

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